Group Coaching12 Students per batch
    Classroom Coaching30 Students per batch
    Duration15th April to
    31st May
    (including Sundays)
    10th June
    to 25th October
    Diwali vacation Mid-November to mid January
    Duration3 Hours Daily
    6 hours on Holidays
    3 Hours Daily3 Hours Daily
    6 hours on Holidays
    3 Hours Daily
    6 hours on Holidays
    TestTwice a weekTwice a weekTwice a week2 Minor & 3 Major Prelims. & Revision

Please note: We reserve the right to change, modify and alter lecture and/or test schedules and timings due to any reason, cause or effect of any circumstance.

• The faculty, consists of highly experienced & dedicated teachers from among the best schools.
• Authentic and exhaustive study material.
• Large number of tests, both topic-wise and on the Board’s pattern, held throughout the year.
• Reports on students attendance and performance will be given to parents from time to time. Multiple Open House sessions will be conducted during the year.
• Regular home work assignments enable students to prepare thoroughly for every topic.
• Career counseling sessions after completion of the entire syllabus.

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