JEE Mains



JEE Mains

To crack JEE-Advanced, it is imperative to study with the right institute, at the right pace, to have access to the carefully planned study-material and test programs and, most importantly, to get regular corrective feedback on your in-class performance. At IIT UNIVERSAL , we have developed the 2 years’ comprehensive JEE-Advanced course to give our students every input and guidance they need to perform at their highest potential. To know more, walk into any of our exclusive IIT coaching centres today.



    Group Coaching12 Students per batch
    Classroom Coaching30 Students per batch
  • TEST : 

    Twice a Week Test
    3-Minor Prelims
    2-Major Prelims

Please note: We reserve the right to change, modify and alter lecture and/or test schedules and timings due to any reason, cause or effect of any circumstance.

• The faculty, consists of highly experienced & dedicated teachers from among the best schools.
• Authentic and exhaustive study material.
• Large number of tests, both topic-wise and on the Board’s pattern, held throughout the year.
• Reports on students attendance and performance will be given to parents from time to time. Multiple Open House sessions will be conducted during the year.
• Regular home work assignments enable students to prepare thoroughly for every topic.
• Career counseling sessions after completion of the entire syllabus.


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